Stadsarchieven (geschiedenis en algemene informatie)

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Stadsarchieven (geschiedenis en algemene informatie)

Bericht van Adminus de Scribent op di feb 10, 2015 6:44 pm

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Adminus de Scribent

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History of the plane Muërtach

Bericht van Kychte op di feb 17, 2015 11:34 am

Muërtach (land)
Rewritten by Eydis

On the rough and wild surface of Muërtach, swamps are ubiquitous and do not leave much space and solid ground for settlements. Only a few cities have survived these treacherous swamps and puddles of quicksand, which now lay amidst the gloomy and ethereal wetlands. Its capital city is Muertach.

Muërtach has a dark and sinister history, which can be traced back to its founders. In a world dominated by swamps, an exploration party led by Sir Kane Muërtach succeeded in locating a suitable place to create a home for their people. At the time the now glorious nation was first built, the ground was still part of a native tribe’s territory and these people did not appreciate the invasion of their land. The tribe still holds a grudge against the people that took their land and assaults the city until this very day. Apart from this, Muërtach has lived through many battles, such as feuds with hordes of Orcs and Ogres, and a heated civil war.

About a decade ago, the city of Muertach was attacked by legions of Orcs and Ogres, which came as a surprise to its people, who never expected such creatures as Orcs to inhabit Muërtach. Feeling cornered, the human government made some impulsive decisions which they later regretted.

In order to defeat the Orcs and to conquer the evil in the surrounding swamps, an organization called ‘The Inquisition’ was created by the government. This zealous band of fanatics was as efficient as they were lethal. Subsequently, the Orcs were defeated and driven out of Muërtach. They were never to be seen again. The swamps surrounding Muertach still hold the bodies of friend and foe alike in its odorous and dreary pools.

With the Orcs defeated, The Inquisition was repurposed as the new city guard of Muertach. This was one of the rash decisions the government grew to resent. The pack of extremists would not abide by the laws created by the government for its citizens.

The Inquisition then overthrew the government and launched Muertach and its citizens into a civil war. Scores of citizens met with death after an encounter with The Inquisition. The organization believed the end justified the means, which gave them an excuse to relentlessly kill man, woman and child alike. Meanwhile, in the catacombs of the city, a new organization was formed. This organization meant to fight back, to show The Inquisition that Muertach was not to be messed with, and to free the city once again.
This new organization consisted of the formed guild of thieves. Its free men and women were willing to pay with their lives to make sure their children would be able to live in peace, in a freed Muertach. Starting small, the organization worked its way from striking against guard patrols, freeing captured civilians and giving food to those in need, to attacking the core of the problem. The new organization planned several attacks, which they then simultaneously set in motion. This evolution took years and during those years, the organization grew more and more strong by the acquisition of new followers.
The most ferocious and most tolling strike ever attempted at The Inquisition was then performed by this organization. It has claimed a steady place in the history books. Even though the leader of the attack is unknown until this day, many owe him their lives.
The destroying of the power the Inquisition had over Muertach was a battle that ended quickly, and left many good men and women to die on the streets. Nevertheless, these people had known what was coming for them and breathed their last breath knowing that they contributed to a free Muertach. In the aftermath of it all, public executions of the most prominent leaders of The Inquisition ensued, whereas the lower ranking members were brought to death in the very catacombs that harbored the birth of the rebel organization.

Even though the freedom and the government of Muertach was restored, its inhabitants know that the real leaders reside underground in the catacombs. They are The Organization.

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History of the city Muertach

Bericht van Kychte op di feb 17, 2015 11:35 am

Muertach (metropolis)
Rewritten by Eydis

The battle for Muertach left the grand city destroyed. Over a million citizens called it their home, but their home was left in shambles; many people were dead and had gone missing, buildings had been torn down, medical resources were mostly gone, the magic was depleted and most of all, the economy was nonexistent. The people of Muertach needed to have their lives rebuilt, as the city needed to have itself rebuilt. The council members of The Organization appointed a new government, which consisted of representatives of the people. They stood for order and peace. Even though they lay down the law for everyone to obey, the real rulers are the council members of  The Organization. .

This council saved the economy by making investments and coming up with plans. In just a year they managed to achieve grand goals and this allowed for many citizens to return to their old, happy lives. Even though the progress is great, Muertach still has a long way to go to become the grand and rich city it once was.
As a result of the great war, the city is still the home of many homeless, refugees and elderly people. The battle has claimed the lives of strong young men and women, leaving the city with an age gap in the population. .

Nowadays, the city has rebuilt medical facilities and many new ones. One of the most renowned hospitals is led by Azriël. The knowledge that he is able to cure almost anything, traveled through the city like wildfire. People come from far to be treated by him as he is known in the whole of Muertach. Many lives were saved by the hands of Azriël and the city thanks him greatly.

Just one mile outside the city, an academy of Magic resides. Bartholomeus runs this new facility together with Quilh, and cooperates closely with council member Mychaela, the minister of magic. Primarily, the academy is a place where students can study the mystic ways of elemental magic. Other than that, the academy also functions as a safe haven for strangers and the homeless. In exchange for a place to stay, these guests serve the academy by putting in work. Those who have an affinity for magic are allowed to attend lessons if they express the desire to do so. Assignments concerning magic are sent from the government to the academy, and most of these assignments tend to be research-related. The academy is very active and is working hard on creating new accommodations. Moreover, it monitors all use of magic in Muertach. During the civil war, all similar sorts of academies were destroyed and burned to the ground by The Inquisition. The rebuilding of these academies is supervised by Mychaela, and the project is almost completed.

After the annihilation of The Inquisition, the council swore that nothing similar would ever occur again. In order to make sure it does not, they have elected a member whose sole job it is to build the defense of the city, the walls and its guards. Kane Brunett was already given the position of general, so he in turn appointed Lisas as his personal advisor. Lisas’ fighting skills and strategic wits have allowed him to win a great number of battles. Lisas was made Kane Brunett’s personal advisor by unanimous consent of the council.

Even though their glory days are over, some members of The Inquisition have escaped judgment and are still roaming the city. The council is aware of this and does everything in its power to hunt them down. History just cannot be allowed to repeat itself.

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Re: Stadsarchieven (geschiedenis en algemene informatie)

Bericht van Theodore Gaion op di jul 21, 2015 9:44 pm

After doing research and reading into both the research and knowledge of kychte and Aedis i hope the following history to be truth written down based on the facts i have:

Hallo allemaal,

In het kader van het opbouwen van de stadskaart ben ik ook benieuwd en nieuwsgierig naar de historie van Muertach (OC: dit heeft invloed op de groei van de stad, loop van straten, nieuwbouw etc.)

Informatie die ik inmiddels heb gevonden:
vroege geschiedenis: plaatselijke stammen bevinden zich in dit gebied en het droge land van muertach is hun aan het hart gelegen.

Jaar: 352: exploratie onder Sir Kane Muërtach
Telling 355: er vestigt zich een handelspost op een hoog (droog) kruispunt
Telling 357: boeren vestigen zich in de omgeving en een herberg opent
Telling 364: er vestigt zich een bibliotheek.
Telling 390: de bescherming van de stad trekt mensen aan, muertach groeit.
Telling 421: Grote stadsbrand in het zuiden

Telling 612-634: de wachtposten en stadsmuren krijgen aanbouw en versteviging: een stad vormt zich
Telling 732: Grote stadsbrand in het noord-oosten van de stad.
Telling 815-817: langdurige en zware aanvallen van de stammen rond muertach
Telling 820-890: periode van rust en voorspoed, muertach groeit.
Telling 891-903: bouw van het nieuwe stadshuis en plein
Telling 953-956: herhaaldelijke mislukte oogst door vervuild water, ziekte grijpt om zich heen.
Telling 1001: muertach wordt aangevallen door orken en ogers, stadsmuren worden waar nodig vernieuwd.
Telling 1003: De inquisitie wordt opgericht (een groep van fanatiekelingen en extremisten) om de orken te verslaan.
Telling: 1005: De inquisitie verslaat de orken en drijft ze weg uit muertach en wordt benoemd tot de nieuwe stadswacht van muertach.
Telling: 1006: Burgeroorlog met de inquisitie (De inquisitie houdt zich niet aan de weten en pleegt een staatsgreep)
- Telling: 1006-1011:a new organisation (naam?), het voormalige dievengilde, drijft de inquisitie uit elkaar en brengt vrede terug naar muertach. (individuen van de inquisitie leven nog voort en zijn nog niet gerechterlijk vervolgd).
-Telling: 1011: (567 a.f.): de bibliotheek wordt overgeplaatst na het begin van de bouw van de academie in het westen.  Oprichting van de academy door: Bartholomeus Adiemus)
Telling: 1013: ontstaan van Scorched road (van de academy tot het portaal) door Scarlet en de karavaan.
-Telling: 1014-1015: De ondodenplaag; Muertach en voornamelijk de noordelijke wachtpost worden geplaagd door moeras-mist en ondoden, die uit de moerassen de bevolking en omwonende boeren aanvallen. Wyvern helpt de oorzaak van de ondoden op te lossen. Solar is het erkende geloof van Muertach (zie ook zonnevalei)
Telling: 1015 de zonnevalei (heilig voor solarieten) in het noorden van Muertach ontstaat door Solar.
Telling: 1015: De nieuwe Solar tempel wordt in de zonnevalei gebouwd, onder leiding van Sofia Everstone meesters van Solar.
Telling: 1015-1016: muertach wordt uitgebreid bij de noordelijke wachtpost (architecten forum).

IC 1015= OC 2015 (vortex telling) = 571 A.F (muertach telling)

graag julllie input / aanvullingen of correcties.
Met vriendelijke groet: Theodore)

Theodore Gaion

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Re: Stadsarchieven (geschiedenis en algemene informatie)

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